Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recap - Prayer, Prayer, and more Prayer

Praise the name of the living God!

We are in the states at this time enjoying time with our families and also the ability to fellowship with believers while we are home.

Before we left Uganda many significant events happened. First we took the entire team to Gulu and Kitgum, these are the towns of northern Uganda that were afflicted by the war with the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’. There we met with some missionaries who are running a house of prayer. We become deeply connected with a couple who have the same exact vision that God has given us for seeing strategic missions bases for training and sending native missionaries to North Africa out of the context of day and night prayer. We spent five days in Kitgum, a town about 45 minute drive from the Sudanese border, helping to establish the foundation for a 24 hour house of prayer. The Lord spoke to a pastor during his 40 day fast that He was establishing a “Global revival prayer network”. Our team spent the time in prayer with the believers, teaching on worship and intercession, while sending out teams for door-to-door evangelism. Even now we are hearing reports that some of the leaders in that area are coming together and are committed to beginning a house of prayer. We are committed to building the night and day prayer network in Uganda, anticipating the return of Jesus Christ.

The weekend before we left for the states we called a twenty-four hour solemn assembly for the young adults in our area to pray for revival and breakthrough in the this generation. We had about 70 young adults from our district come to fast and pray. It was a powerful time to finalize our first year there.

This first group of students have completed the first term of the first year of the YA school, and we are very pleased! Praise God! Everyone has gone home to spend the 'holiday' with family. The school will resume with the 2nd term beginning in July.

I am convinced that this is the last hour and that prayer (the intimate union, communion of the soul with the Lord Jesus by the Holy Spirit) is the key. It is the key to bringing in the last and greatest harvest of souls the world has ever known. Prayer is also essential for a prepared life and an intimate walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer is about opening up and yielding your life to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, that He might release His mighty grace into your spirit. This will enable you to stand in the time of great trial and lawlessness that is coming upon the earth. Jesus warned us about this hour in Luke 21 and told us what to do: “Stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.” As you read this make a commitment to dedicate your life in prayer. Spend time every day waiting upon the Holy Spirit, listen for His voice, and intercede for the nations to be saved. Wherever people are gathering to pray join them, if they are not gathering, gather them or get involved with a local house of prayer.

We are in the states now for the next two months and are traveling to different places to talk about the ministry and what God is doing. I ask you to pray for us that this would be a strategic time for apprehending the purpose and strategy of God for this season in Uganda. In the next email we will explain more of the vision and steps that God has given us for sending laborers into the harvest of North Africa.

-Jesse Digges
Director, Youth Ablaze East Africa


Laura said...

Rachelle- It was so great to be able to see you again after all these years! You have such a great looking family and I'm so excited for how God is using you all! We never would have imagined all of this on the 5th grade camping trip, huh!? (which I still have photos of, by the time you're back, we'll have to pull them out!) Praying that traveling back goes smoothly and the arrival of you're new little one is a blessing....good luck with the name decision!

Mr. Wonderful said...

Hey Laura! Bet you didn't imagine that Rachelle and her future husband would move to Africa and participate in a scheme to sentence people to death either, huh? Pretty amazing. The wouldn't have been able to do this in the United States so they moved half-way around the world. Ruing the lives of LGBT Ugandans and their families. Responsible for the deaths of some of these people. Some friend you've got there!

Anonymous said...

If they want to do good they could treat people equally and stop teaching that LGBT people are sinners. I tolerate them having a made up fairy story about a big sky being, just like we let children have their make believe, but when the make believe starts to drive murder and hatred it is time for the child to grow up and think about the consequences of their actions.