Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Week Left!

As we look forward to a new life in Uganda, it comes naturally to reflect back upon the last phase of our lives here in the US. I imagine it is similar to having a terminal illness, because every moment is suddenly so valuable and you choose carefully how you spend them. I have found myself looking around at the ways I spent my time and just thinking, I could have done so much more! Now, looking at the last few days living in NY I realize more and more how important the people God puts in our lives are to us and how they really make up our lives. Life is NOT stuff! Wow. That really hits you when you see all of your stuff go out the door. Life just boils down to the reality, and the questions you can't ignore are 'Do I really have a life in God?', 'Where have I been storing my treasure?', 'Has my life here had any impact upon the people around me?' These are tough questions, but I would rather face them now than in eternity. Praise God that His grace is sufficient for me!

Now, with a new beginning in a very foreign place, my prayer is that Jesus would be revealed for who He is. We truly are ambassadors of Christ, and I do not want to be a bad representation of Him to people who may have never heard His name before. So Lord, please purify me and remove those things which do not reflect your love and mercy. I want to be a vessel of honor for Your glory in the earth!

We are flying out on the 27th of this May, and will be spending a few days in the capital city, Kampala, to purchase the necessities for our home. We will then head "Home" to Tororo, where we will settle in, but not for too long! We will be helping to host a short-term team from the US for the Month of July. (We are so excited to have youth from the US joining with youth from Uganda to serve the poor and bring the Good News!) Please pray that we would have God's Spirit as we travel, and adjust, and for the summer program to be very fruitful. Thank you for reading, I will write again once we arrive in Tororo! May God bless you!